HAF Archangel 2021



Each year between the 5th to 8th November the Hellenic Air Force celebrate the feast of Archangel Micheal their patron. As part of the celebrations the Hellenic Air Force open their doors allowing members of the public and aircraft enthusiasts to visit airbases across the country, something that is not normally possible.

The mission was to visit as many of the air bases as possible over the four days and to photograph the T2C/E Buckeye which is due for retirement. Due to Covid restrictions in place the numbers of aircraft on display and available to photograph was down on previous years, this varied between three and Fifteen and was strictly policed by security staff.

Note: Aircraft Spotting / photography at military airfields (except for the unit exhibtions) is forbidden even during Archangel and will lead to a visit from the authorities.


Elefsina Air Base.

Elefsina is home to 112 Combat Wing part of the Hellenic Air Force Support Command.

Squadrons based at Elefsina are:

352nd VIP Transport Squadron  "Cosmos" – (EMB-135LR, EMB-135B, Gulfstream V, AB 212)

354th Tactical Transport Squadron "Pegasus" - (C27-J Spartan)

355th Tactical Transport Squadron "Atlas" - (CL-215)

356th Tactical Transport Squadron "Hercules" - (C130H Hercules)

358th Search and Rescue Squadron "Phaethon" - (Bell 205A1, AB212, AW 109E)

384 Search & Rescue Squadron "Puma" - (AS-332C1 Super Puma)

National Center for Emergency Care’s (EKAV) air ambulance services - (Kingair 350C)

Aircraft on display



Araxos Air Base

Araxos is home to 116 Combat Wing part of the Hellenic Tactical Air Force.

Squadrons based at Araxos are:

335 Mir "Tiger" - (F-16C/D Block 52+ Advance)

336 Mir "Olympos" - (F-16C/D Block 52+ Advance)

Aircraft on display



Andravida Air Base

Andravida is home to 117 Combat Wing and Tactical Weapons School part of the Hellenic Tactical Air Force.

Squadrons based at Andravida are:

338 Mir "Ares" - (F4E PI-2000 Phantom II)

Tactical Weapons School

Aircraft on display


Kalamata Air Base

Kalamata is home to 120 Training Wing part of Hellenic Training Command.

Squadrons based at Kalamata are:

361 Air Training Squadron "Mistras" - (T-6A Texan II)

362 Air Training Squadron "Nestor" - (T-2 E/C Buckeye)

363 Air Training Squadron "Danaos" - (T-2 E/C Buckeye)

364 Air Training Squadron "Pelops" - (T-6A Texan II)

Aircraft on display:



Dekelia Tatoi Air Base

Dekelia Tatoi is the home to the Hellenic Air Force Acadamy, Hellenic Air Force Museum and elements of the Public Services Air Support Unit.

Squadrons based at Dekelia Tatoi are:

Hellenic Air Force Acadamy - (Cessna T41D Mescalero, Tecnam P2992JF)

359 Public Services Air Support Unit - (PZL Mielec M18 Dromaders)

Helenic Air Force Museum

Aircraft on display (Hellenic Museum aircraft are featured in a seperate article):



Nea Aghialos Air Base

Nea Aghialos is home to 111 Combat Wing part of the Hellenic Tactical Air Force.

Squadrons based at Nea Aghialos are:

330 Mir "Thunder" - (F-16 C/D Block 30)

341 Mir "Arrow" - (F-16 C/D Block 50)

347 Mir "Perseus" (F-16 C/D Block 50)

Aircraft on display:


Larisa Air Base

Larisa is home to 110 Combat Wing part of the Hellenic Tactical Air Force.

Squadrons based at Larisa are:

337 Mir "Ghost" - (F-16 C/D Block 52+)

UAVS Squadron "Acheron" - (Pegasus ΙΙ Block I UAV)

Aircraft on display:


Tanagra Air Base

Tanagra is home to 114 Combat Wing part of the Hellenic Tactical Air Force.

Squadrons based at Tanagra are:

331 All Weather Sqn "Theseus" - (Mirage 2000-5)

332 All Weather Sqn "Hawk" - (Mirage 2000 EGM/BGM)

Aircraft on display:

Wrecks and Relics

As well as visiting air bases during the trip several airframes were to be found in town squares, parks and outside public buildings.

A set of full sized photos from Archangel 2021 can be found here select slideshow and full screen

Cliff Ibell Images would like to thank the Hellenic Air Force for allowing access to the air bases despite the current Covid restrictions in place. We were made to feel safe and extreamly welcome. Thanks must also go to 9H Travels Mark Zerafa. 9H Travel organised the visits to the various air bases but also excellent accomodation, banter and tour guide services. The small group of five enthusiasts from three countries all enjoyed not only a great photographic trip but also a great social experience with new friendships made. Mission Accomplished!