Air Force Application School "Aurel Vlaicu" Boboc 



The Air Force Officer School Aurel Vlaicu was established at Boboc – Buzau in 1958 training Officers of the Romanian Air Force of all ranks as well as pilots.

In 1991 the school was renamed Air Force Application School “Aurel Vlaicu” and reflected the changes in Romania’s European alignment from the Warsaw Pact towards NATO with all Officers now being taught English as opposed to the Russian previously taught.

Following of the air forces transformation and re-sizing in 2004, the establishment changed its name to the Air Force Application School and includes the three specific to air forces branches: air force flight and maintenance school, artillery and ground-to-air missile, and radar.

Today Boboc is home to the following Squadrons

  • 201st School Squadron – operating Yakovlev Iak-52
  • 203rd School Squadron – operating IAR-99 Soim
  • 204th School Squadron – operating IAR-99 Soim
  • 206th School Squadron – operating IAR-316B Alouette III
  • Technical Training School

As well as the Air Force Application School aircraft there are a number of aircraft withdrawn from service and kept in open storage.

The flight training is split into two phases prior to graduation to operational Squadrons.


Esc. 1 Aviation Instructional Phase 1

201st School Squadron 

201st School Squadron is responsible for the ab initio training for fixed wing aircraft operating Romanian built Yakovlev IAK-52.  



206th School Squadron 

206th School Squadron is responsible for the rotary wing training and employ Romanian built IAR-316B Alouette III


Esc. 2 Aviation Instructional Phase 2

Once pilots have graduated from 201st School Squadron they are transferred to 203rd and 204th School Squadrons for fast jet training operating IAR-99 Soim “Hawk”. This training includes spending time in a purpose built flight simulator.

Following initial training on the IAR-99 the pilots’ progress to advanced Jet training on the IAR-99 at the 95th Baza Bacău.


Technical Training School

The Technical Training School is responsible for training maintainers for the Romanian Air Force and use several aircraft as instructional airframes.




Decommissioned airframes in open storage.









A full set of photos from this visit can be found here : Aurel Viaicu Flight School Boboc Airbase

Cliff Ibell Images would like to thank our hosts Colonel Rapiteanu, Captain Adriana Alecu and Warrant Officer Iacob of the Aurel Vlaicu Flight School Public Affairs team